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Your first line of defence against construction dispute.

Protect your margins, avoid dispute, and safeguard your business interests.

As a contractor, subcontractor, or builder, are you constantly navigating the minefield of contract disputes, facing the threat of revenue loss, or even business failure? You’re not alone.

In fact, contract-related issues are the leading cause of construction dispute globally.
(Global Construction Disputes Report 2022, Arcadis)

The frustration?

Many of these contract-related disputes could be avoided with the right legal expertise and guidance.
However, securing this expertise can often mean a continuous and unsustainable financial commitment to legal counsel.

Introducing Contractify™, a revolutionary legal support app designed specifically for you.

Access the right legal expertise and guidance so that you can confidently navigate your construction contracts and successfully deliver your projects.

Lawyers in your pocket

Contractify™ provides you with direct access to a team of expert construction lawyers from any device.

On-demand contract advice

Get the right answers at the right time. Harness unlimited, on-demand advice to manage risk, dodge legal hurdles, and drive your project to success.

monthly fee

No 6-minute increments or hidden fees. Just a fixed monthly subscription fee for unlimited access.

Why Contractify™?

Contractify™ transforms the way contractors, subcontractors, and builders handle their contract administration.

From uncertainty to confidence

With Contractify™, you move from a state of uncertainty about your contracts and legal obligations to a state of confidence. You have the right expertise and guidance at your fingertips, allowing you to navigate your contracts with assurance.

From reactiveto proactive

Instead of constantly reacting to disputes and legal issues, Contractify™ enables you to be proactive. With on-demand advice, you can anticipate potential issues and address them before they escalate.

From financial stressto financial security

Contract disputes can lead to significant financial losses. Contractify™ helps you protect your revenue by avoiding these disputes, leading to greater financial security.

From time-intensiveto time-saving

 Contract administration can be a time-consuming process, especially without the right expertise. Contractify™ streamlines this process, freeing up your time to focus on delivering your projects.

From isolatedto supported

Contractify™ provides a support system. You’re no longer dealing with contract administration in isolation. You have a team of experts ready to assist you whenever you need it.

From cost fearto fixed fee

Legal advice often comes with unpredictable costs, causing hesitation. With Contractify™’s fixed monthly subscription, you transition from cost uncertainty to cost certainty, enabling unlimited advice without fear of escalating costs.

Try before you buy

Enquire now for a FREE personalised 30-minute contract Q&A (valued at $500)

Bring a project contract and a contract administration-related question, and our team of expert lawyers will provide you with the best next steps to take. Experience firsthand the quality of our advice and see how we can help you minimise risk and maximise success.

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