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On-demand contract administration and legal help.

Contractify is the cost-effective way for contractors and subcontractors to minimise risk and ensure project success without the need for expensive legal advice.

Access expert construction lawyers from your pocket, and:

    • Protect your contractual rights and entitlements;
    • Upskill your contracts administration team;
    • Understand and fulfil your contract;
    • Control your ongoing legal costs; and
    • Improve your project delivery.

    Access contract administration and legal support for a fixed monthly fee.

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    One of the leading causes of construction disputes globally is a failure to understand or comply with the contract.

    Global Construction Disputes Report

    “We have found that many of these disputes could have been prevented through the application of proper contract administration”

    “As construction and engineering lawyers, we are often called upon to handle high-value disputes stemming from contract administration issues. Such disputes can have far-reaching consequences, including significant financial losses, damage to professional relationships, and even business failure for the parties involved.


    Through our experience, we have found that many of these disputes could have been prevented through the application of proper contract administration expertise and processes. Unfortunately, accessing such expertise can be expensive, as relying on legal counsel for every query or potential issue can quickly become cost-prohibitive.


    That is, until now.”

    David Glinatsis
    Managing Director | Kreisson

    Minimise dispute risk,

    Maximise project success

    Contractify is a legal support app that gives you fast and direct access to an expert team of construction and engineering lawyers, ready to assist in all aspects of contract administration and project fulfilment.

    For a fixed monthly fee, you can quickly and easily ask queries and receive fast legal support as issues arise. Our team of experienced construction and engineering lawyers is available to guide you through any legal complexities you may face in project delivery, from contract administration to dispute resolution and beyond.

    With Contractify™ at your fingertips, you can approach your construction projects with confidence, knowing that you have the legal support you need to succeed.

    “Our perspective is that sound legal advice should be proactive and preventative, rather than reactive and prescriptive. Our goal is to make legal support readily available to our clients well in advance of any potential issues or disputes.”

    David Glinatsis
    Managing Director | Kreisson

    Why Contractify™?

    Ensure peace of mind and secure business operations by thoroughly comprehending your contracts, seeking professional legal advice as needed, and delivering your projects with minimised risks and protected interests, all at a predictable and budget-friendly fixed monthly cost for legal services.


    Gain a clearer understanding of your contractual obligations and learn how to effectively fulfill them to minimise the risk of disputes.


    Gain expert insights and practical knowledge from top construction lawyers in real-time, and benefit from a comprehensive library of educational resources to enhance your knowledge.


    Gain practical guidance on how to effectively address contractual issues and safeguard your cash flow as they arise


    Efficiently control and budget your ongoing legal costs with the convenience of on-demand legal advice, offered at a fixed and predictable monthly fee.


    All prices are exclusive of GST.


    For an additional one-off fee:

    Contract administration flowcharts

    Bespoke notice template suite

    Key risks advice

    Bespoke training

    Construction Lawyers in your pocket.

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